Contracts Law and FIDIC

Duman Law & Consultancy has been providing legal & consultancy services for the leading companies in the field of renewable energy, power generation and construction more than 7 years. Bilateral agreements, International Construction (FIDIC Red Book, Yellow Book, Green Book, Silver Book) Contracts, ToRs and any kind of contracts are on their terms of reference. Our Attorneys have structured, drafted, negotiated and executed all types of commercial contracts, in particular International Construction Agreements (FIDIC Red Book, Yellow Book, Green Book), Host Government Agreements, ToRs, Reporting and such comprehensive documents.
High quality, clear and concise written claims, assessments and correspondences is in our terms of reference.

Our team is certificated in the area of International Construction Contracts and Dispute Resolutions. you can see in Certificates

Duman Law & Consultancy gives accurate and timely counsel to business in a variety of legal topics. Our team is good at rendering pragmatic legal advice and analyzing and resolving legal issues that arise in the day to day operations in all areas of contractual arrangements; litigation; commercial practices. Duman Law & Consultancy will ensure the legal, compliance & business affairs workflows and policies are up to date and implemented across the business unit and regularly monitor compliance.

Duman Law & Consultancy has been providing consultancy services for the leading German contractors of TANAP Project (Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project).

Duman Law & Consultancy's Contracts Law team provides the following services in Turkey: 

-Drafting, negotiating and executing any type of contracts including Bilateral Agreements
-Draft, review and execution of FIDIC (Red Book, Yellow Book, Green Book, Grey Book)
-Drafting, negotiating and executing  International Construction Contracts,
-Representing clients for disputes arising from any type of contracts,
-Day to day contract management
-Review and execute delay analysis,
-Supporting the Client or our Site team for the daily correspondences,
-Ensuring fulfillment of contractual requirements 
-Provide strategic commercial support on contracts, claims and schedule issues,
-Managing dispute resolution procedures such as mediations, DAB and arbitrations,
-Representing clients for disputes arising from Contracts before Turkish Courts

You can see our  Certificates
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