Corporate Law

We provide a wide range of services, from incorporating joint stock companies, limited liability companies, branch offices and liaison offices, to corporate day to day operations.

Our Attorneys have been registered as expert witnesses before Turkish Commercial Courts of First Instance since 2011, which proves their experience in Commercial Law.

Duman Law & Consultancy provides services in the following subject matters to be needed especially by the Corporations:

  • Foundation of Turkish and Foreign capital company, branch office or liaison office in Turkey,
  • Auditing,
  • Drawing up corporation charters and foundation procedures,
  • Providing  legal consulting service to foreign companies 
  • Providing consulting services about the investments in foreign countries for Turkish Companies,
  • Determining the corporation rules
  • Filing actions for annulment,
  • Executing M&A process
  • Counseling for Company/Branch Office/Liaison Office foundation in Turkey with foreign partner,
  • Establishing affiliated company in Turkey by foreign companies,
  • Executing capital increase and/or decrease procedures in Turkey,
  • Reviewing and executing financial leasing and/or leasing procedures,
  • Litigation for unfair competition,
  • Litigation about preventing breach of trademark,
  • Executing suspension of bankruptcy and restructuring procedures,
  • Filing tax dispute cases,
  • Running share transfer procedures,
  • Drafting and executing domestic and international contracts,
  • Executing the procedures of transfer pricing of the company, 
  • Filing trademark and patent lawsuits in Turkey,
  • Filing personal actions of the companies,
  • Review of the commercial books of the companies,
  • Drafting, auditing, issuing of franchising, joint ventures, know-how, leasing and licensing agreements,
  • Drafting and revision of distributorship agreements,
  • Drafting, revising and executing  construction contracts,
  • Drafting, revising and executing commodity, service, sale and purchase agreements.
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