International Construction Contracts

Duman Law & Consultancy advices  on preparation and management of International Construction Agreements-FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Construction (Red Book) and Design-Build (Yellow Book), EPC Construction, Subcontractor, Supplier and Consultancy Contracts., as well as their prosecutions of claims. Our law office regularly involves in large and medium scaled  construction projects of any kind of major infrastructure investments in Turkey such as power, gas, pipeline and railway, road projects..etc. and Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Contracts.

Our  arbitration services contain services such as drafting arbitration clauses, handling pre-arbitration negotiations and meetings, representation of the clients before mediation process, arbitral tribunals and at court proceedings for provisional remedies or recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards. We have assisted or directly been involved in representation of clients for arbitration proceedings held under the rules of major arbitral institutions including ICC and ICSID.

We also offer services of mediation to our clients. Our members represent clients at mediation and our partners are often appointed as mediators to solve commercial or civil disputes among parties.

We have structured, drafted, negotiated and executed all types of commercial contracts, in particular International Construction Agreements (FIDIC Red Book, Yellow Book, Green Book), Host Government Agreements, ToRs, Reporting and such comprehensive documents. We’re good at rendering pragmatic legal advice and analyzing and resolving legal issues that arise in the day to day operations in all areas of contractual arrangements; litigation; commercial practices.

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