Inheritance Law

What is the scope of inheritance law in Turkey?

Since Turkish inheritance law applies to the real estate/assets located in Turkey, there are some limitations and the principle of reciprocity matter. 

Applicable law to foreigners within the scope of inheritance law in Turkey:

In case a foreigner intends to claim right on the real estates located in Turkey due to heritage, the same right shall be applicable for a Turkish citizen in the claimant’s country.

Inheritance and succession of the estate/assets is executed pursuant to legal system where the assets are located. In case the estate/assets of the deceased is located in Turkey, Turkish inheritance law shall apply to inheritance .

Dealing with wills and inheritance in Turkey, it is significant to hire an independent English-speaking lawyer with good knowledge of both Turkish and English. This will be a significant move to help clients for the benefits. Lawyer will be able to provide advice and reassurance that procedures have been completed on client's behalf. 

Individuals should protect theirselves by hiring a lawyer as soon as possible and before any formal steps have been taken in respect of preparation of a will or inheritance of an estate with assets in Turkey. This will allow their lawyer to advise them properly on all aspects of their situation and to ensure all the appropriate steps are taken.

Duman Law & Consultancy provides the following services in the field of inheritance law:

  • Preparation of will
  • Appointment of guardianship
  • Inheritance and succession
  • Action for Elimination of joint ownership
  • Partition of inheritance
  • Action of Invalidity of will
  • Action of Equalization claims
  • Action for Land registry
  • Action for reduction
  • Recognition and enforcement actions,
  • Actions arising from trust agreements,
  • Action for adequate pay
  • Filing Disclaimer of inheritance lawsuit
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