Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Disputes in Turkey

Duman Law & Consultancy, with ten years experience, provides a full range of legal services in intellectual property, copyrights, trademarks, domain names, patents, industrial designs, trade secrets, confidentiality and counterfeiting. 

Our attorneys are English speaking lawyers and international clients are in our terms of reference. 

Protection of intellectual property rights is a significant issue. As there are both legal and criminal sanctions for trademark and patent infringements, legal advice is crucial to handle transactions.  In addition, since the registration process for trademark and patent application is highly complicated, those who are domiciled outside the country can only be represented by trademark and patent attorneys. In this sense, we provide our legal services regarding all kind of intellectual property issues including trademark and patent registration,  transfer, sale, counterfeiting, copyright infringements, licensing and domain name disputes before WIPO.

Industrial Property Rights Services in Turkey

Our office provides legal counsel on the preparation of transfer and license agreements related to trademarks, designs, patents and utility models. We provide consultancy services in the case of violations of these rights, and prepare cease and desist letters. In addition, we provide litigation services to our clients regarding the actions for determination of ownership of industrial property rights, nullification, prevention and prohibition of infringement, injunctions, seizure, and compensation.

Copyright Services

Duman Law & Consultancy provide services to prepare copyright licenses and licensing agreements, especially for their clients operating in the information sector. We provide consultancy services in the case of violations of these rights, and prepare cease and desist letters. We also represent our clients in the determination of initial ownership and copyright infringements, prevention and prohibition of infringement, and compensation claims.

Unfair Competition

We also represent our clients before the courts in their actions related to unfair commercial practices. In this context, we protect the rights of our clients against the confusing actions of competitors in relation to their goods, work products, or activities through our consulting services and litigation processes.

Services in Relation to the Infringements of Intellectual and Industrial Rights over the Internet

In our office, services in relation to cease and desist letters about the infringement of intellectual property rights on the internet are provided and legal support is provided to the clients regarding their actions for the removal of content or the denial of access.



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