Mediation in Turkish Law

Mediation has been defined as "a process whereby two or more parties to a dispute attempt by themselves, on a voluntary basis, to reach an agreement on the settlement of their dispute with the assistance of a mediator." Accordingly, mediation serves to resolution of a civil case through a third party or third parties (mediator) without requirement of a court procedure.    

A legislation in mediation has entered into force in 2013 and regulates the terms and conditions for mediators and mediation. This law has been brought into force within the frame of harmonization of Turkish laws with the EU legislation. Accordingly, only the persons which fulfill the requirements stated by the Mediation Law may practice the profession as mediator.

In Turkish law system, the use of this alternative dispute resolution may be decided by the parties freely and they are subject to equal terms and conditions during the whole mediation process ("equality principle"). Moreover, mediation may be used only for civil cases, whereas the cases which include the claims regarding family violence are not subject to the mediation. In accordance with the above mentioned EU-Directive, this Law is applicable also to the civil cases involving a foreign element.

 Burcu Duman, who is a licensed Mediator by Turkish Ministry of Justice, provides comprehensive private mediation services  to national/foreign individuals and/or legal entities, to resolve conflicts  efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Due to our previous experiences in litigation and arbitration, we are aware of the importance of trying to resolve matters without resorting to a court. We provide mediation services to settle disputes of all varieties.

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