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Disputes arising from Sports Law in Turkey

What to do if your contract is terminated unlawfully in Turkey?

On the contrary to Europe, in Turkish legal system, sportsmen/sportswomen (except the trainers and executives)  are excluded from Turkish Labour Code.

Hence, relevant provisions (articles 393-447) of Turkish Code of Obligations shall apply to the disputes arising from Sports Employment Contracts (for example un-paid wages) etc between sportsmen/sportswomen and the sport clubs. General Courts are in charge for such disputes.

Although freedom of contract is the main principle under Turkish Law, sportsmen/sportswomen are the weak party in sports business. It’s very important to negotiate and review the contract terms in accordance with Turkish Code of Obligations, in the beginning of the employment process.

As speaking of administrative sanctions applied by the Clubs or Federation,

a-    sportsmen/sportswomen have right to appeal to the relevant Federation for the annulment of the sanctions,
b-    in case the Federation dismisses the appeal, then sportsmen/sportswomen have right to appeal to Sports Arbitration Board within the Turkish Sports General Directorate in 10 days following the notice of decision.
c-    In case sportsmen/sportswomen can not get a positive result after exhaustion of domestic remedies, they can file a suit before CAS, EHF, FIBA, CEV Court of Arbitration (ECA)  for the final result.

We work in the area of sports law (including football, handball, basketball, etc) both in Turkey and internationally. We aim to provide legal services that recognize specificity of sports related disputes and eliminate any disadvantages before the success of our client.

Our team is experienced in Turkish Code of Obligations and Turkish Labor Code which shall apply to disputes arising from unpaid wages of players, trainers and executives.

Since the attorneys within the team are fluent in English, we provide effective legal services to international players, executives and trainers at international level.

How may we help you with your dispute arising from Sports Law in Turkey?

Our services regarding sports law focus on the following:

-Counseling members on intellectual property rights, contract law  and competition law;
-Representing clients both in arbitration proceedings before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), Court of Arbitration , International Federations, Turkish Arbitration Board for Sport,  and other adjudicatory bodies of international and national federations;
- Representing clients for claims of unpaid wages before Turkish Courts or Arbitration Boards,
- Protection of players’ personal rights.
- Application for sportsmen/ sportswomen license
-Application for residence permits

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